St. John The Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Newark NJ


St. John’s Charitable Program had its beginning in September 2009 when a group of concerned parishioners shared a dream of helping the poor. From its very beginnings the aim has been twofold – to help people here in the United States – our own St. John’s parishioners and the needy in the city of Newark, and to help the needy in Ukraine.

At first we addressed the needs of the elderly and sick in our St. John’s Church community. Every two weeks St. John’s Charitable Program delivered home-cooked meals to the parishioners who needed this. We also addressed the needs of the soup kitchen that is run by the Roman Catholic St. John’s parish in downtown Newark. At first we helped them through food drives but now our Charitable Program donates money and makes large purchases of specific non-perishable foods that the soup kitchen particularly needs. Being that Ukraine is going through a difficult time, much of our attention and many of our donations are sent to Ukraine.


From September 2009 until the present:

  • personal visits to our parishioners - 864.

Helped the needy in the US:

  • Food and monetary donations for St. John’s Soup Kitchen in the city of Newark - $12,760
  • Help for Ukrainian families who lost everything as a result of hurricanes - $7500

Help for the needy of Ukraine – to date we have sent help to:

  • Orphans – $6,000
  • Disabled children - $5,500
  • The homeless - $10,400
  • Wounded soldiers - $7,620
  • Destitute families - $10,500
  • Needy senior citizens - $15,740
  • Refugees - $6,500
  • Prisoners - $3,380
  • Treatment of alcohol addiction - $6,460
  • Individuals provided with $10 gifts - $32,340
  • Camp stay for poor homeless children - $4,000
  • Excursions for handicapped children - $5,400
  • Bandages and tourniquets for soldiers - $15,750
  • Talking watches for the blind – 7,200
  • Wheelchairs – 477
  • Walkers – 373
  • Commodes – 138
  • (40 pound) packages with clothing – 864
  • Pairs of shoes – 7010
  • Pairs of socks – 18,300
  • St. Nicholas gifts for needy children – hundreds
  • Pampers for the elderly – thousands

We work through priests, nuns and various trusted volunteers who work with the needy in their communities. Our biggest support comes from our own parishioners who believe in our work and are most generous with their donations. Our organization is run strictly by volunteers and has minimal operating expenses.

We cannot help all of the people who are in need but we can most certainly touch individuals with our physical and moral support - and this is our main goal. Our dream is to inspire as many people as possible to work with us and to help us make this world a better place both through physical and moral support of the needy.

We invite you to view a video about our work тут.